Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why is good to use more biofuels?

 Throughout this article I will mention the most important benefits of using biofuels. This because biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol fuel are growing in popularity all over the world with many energy experts looking at them as more than the decent alternative to fossil fuels.

Biofuels are environmentally more friendly than fossil fuels because they do not account for as much carbon emissions as fossil fuels do. Some even say that biofuel is carbon neutral energy source because plants (needed for biomass production) first absorb CO2 from atmosphere in order to grow.

Biofuels can be produced from variety of different sources and not just corn and soybean.

Biofuels can also be produced from sunflowers.

Biofuels can improve our energy security and energy independence. Using more biofuels can lead to less foreign fuel import so our money stays within our country where it can be used to help our economy instead giving another extra billion to some sheik's bank account.

Biofuels are renewable energy sources because plant needed for biofuel production can be regrown over and over again.

Biofuels could give economic boost to many developing countries that would use their domestic resources to satisfy their energy need instead of being forced to rely on energy sources from abroad.

The increased biofuel production can reduce the chance for future energy crisis because biofuels can help ensure security of supply which is not always the case with volatile oil market.

Using more biofuels instead of fossil fuels would also reduce the levels of environmental pollution in many parts of the world.

The developed biofuel industry would account for thousands of new jobs.